Manuel Barajas aka Dookie-Meño

As often happens these days, an acquaintance with Manual Barajas aka Dookie-Meño was forged via Instagram. Barajas’ photos caught our eye with their documentary style, not only capturing the obvious subject at hand but the candid moments that accompany them. True to his California roots, Barajas’ work illustrates frame by frame that the DIY arts of yesteryear are still alive and thriving — the desert still has some skate spots to be found and punk’s not dead.

Barajas spent the afternoon at Windmill City a few weeks ago talking shop and capturing some of our crew in action. Below, some selects from his visit and a few get-to-know-you answers to our questions.

You can find Barajas on Instagram at @dookiemeno.

Current city of residence:

How long have you lived in the Coachella Valley?
All my life :(

How long have you been practicing photography? 
10 years

Schooled or self-taught?
YouTube academy (self-taught)

What do you shoot with?
Sony a7iii

Piece of gear you can’t live without:
My computer

Do you practice any other mediums of art?
Animations and Video.
Visit his YouTube channels here and here.

Preferred subject matter? 

Three sources of inspiration:
- Alejandro Jodorowsky (filmmaker, artist)
- Culture Abuse (band)
- Samuel Ashley (photographer)

Any parting words?
Listen to punk music